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Here at Calibre Built Developments it’s our drive to bring your dream of building a new home, or renovating an existing property, to reality.

Whether it be completing a custom built home that is suited to you and your budget or renovating an existing space for further practicality to suit your changing needs. At Calibre, our aim is to deliver superior product and work with you to achieve your dream result.

Whilst our work is all referral based, our projects are born from a client providing us with a completed design.
Therefore, once you have consulted with your own architect and have completed designs, you are ready to engage a builder.

That’s where our trusted relationship begins.

No style of home is impossible. Building is our passion, renovating is our specialty.


Needing help navigating through the endless, and often daunting, options for interior and exterior finishes?
Calibre collaborates with leading interior designer nene&uke.

Lead designer, Angela is be able to assist you with creating an interior that exudes timeless style and functionality. Whether you are looking for current design trends, classic period features, modern minimalism or timeless contemporary style be sure to trust the versatile knowledge and professionalism of nene&uke. 

Angela has over ten years’ experience and is very versatile in working across all budget options.


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